Musical Shape Shifters


If  you want to experience outstanding renditions of everything from the Moody Blues, the Doors, Elvis Costello, to the Beatles, Stones,Dire  Straits  and much more then look no further. Raised on Vinyl is a dynamic 7 piece band that really brings it every time they are on stage. The band's amazing harmonies and attention to detail provide for a once in a lifetime musical experience.


Tom Saunders - acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals

Darren  Northcott - guitar and vocals

Kevin Nickel - guitar and vocals

Dave Cyr- Bass and vocals

Dean Brown- keys, accordian and vocals

John McCreath - drums and vocals

Jim Widdifield - keys


Striving For Perfection

The members of Raised On Vinyl work painstakingly to make sure that all their performances are impeccable, giving the listening and dancing audience a real treat!


Looking to the Future

Raised On Vinyl is available for fundraisers, corporate gigs and also perform for community driven projects.